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Rock Solid Sports Recovery is an elite Fitness, Sports Recovery, and Physical Therapy center focusing on an integrated process to help our clients reach the goal of living an active lifestyle while keeping the body healthy and Rock Solid. Our holistic approach focuses on building individuals up without breaking them down.

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Holly R.

Rock Solid is amazing! I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Todd for several months now, and have been doing dry needling to help with my neck and shoulder pain. I feel a million times better after every appointment! I highly recommend this awesome… Read more “Holly R.”

Sami P.

This facility has everything! I have been going to Rock Solid for sometime now and the entire team are some of the best practitioners and trainers Colorado has to offer. I recently had 4 ribs out of place and Dr. Eryn and Dr. Todd were able to not only help relieve my pain in one day but helped get me feeling 100% in just 2 sessions. The facility is gorgeous… Read more “Sami P.”

Brian S.

I broke my ankle and tore my shoulder July 30th . Ryan has been working on me for the last three weeks and has made the pain bearable. I look forward to my visits knowing my body will feel better afterwords and that I am making progress toward a full… Read more “Brian S.”

Lisa G.

I looove my gym ONE of a kind, for ONE of a kind. We ain’t playin’… Came in w/a twisted muscle, got the royal treatment pre-workout. Who does that If you haven’t checked out Rock Solid Sports Recovery, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s definitely a ONE if a kind experience… Read more “Lisa G.”

Chris C.

What an amazing group of professionals. After my son had a back injury during training, the therapists here went out of their way to be sure he was cared for in a way that would ensure a good recovery. They were caring and empathetic to the stressful event. Thanks… Read more “Chris C.”

Rochelle R.

I love this place! I fly every two weeks from California to see Eryn and all the staff. The team and facility here is worth the flight. This place has lots of different equipment and things to do like climbers, golf simulator, red light therapy, hyperbaric chamber, group fitness studio, personal fitness training… It is very clean and I would recommend everyone to come check it out! I have FSHD… Read more “Rochelle R.”

Alicia C.

Dr. Todd, Dr.Lainey and their team are amazing, they have everything you could need in one place and really do care about their patients! Great pricing as well. I started here after a car accident and have been with them ever since. I’ve moved since then and my drive is now an hour but it’s so worth it! Highly recommend, the only team I will let work on me. They… Read more “Alicia C.”

Jeremy D.

Eryn and Ryan have build an amazing place for recovery from injury. They have helped so many people and are such amazing people themselves. I am so proud to know them and would highly recommend them to anyone to help with injuries whether old or… Read more “Jeremy D.”

Riana W.

i’ve been seeing Todd for about 2 years for my chiropractic adjustments, i can’t imagine going to anyone different. he makes getting through the week a little easier      … Read more “Riana W.”

Shannon S

I have a recovery membership and absolutely love it. I abuse my body with hard workouts, but as I get older my body appreciates it less and less. Using the wide variety of recovery options available at RSSR has helped reduce my inflammation and allowed me to recover quicker from those hard workouts. My post workout soreness is minimal compared to what I experienced in the past. I would highly… Read more “Shannon S”

Jacob P.

I shoot archery as a professional and have had both Lainey and Eryn use Muscle Activation Techniques on me before I compete and have noticed a big difference in my performance. I’ve also used Rock Solid as a way to recover from fatigue as well as injuries with the new sports recovery equipment they have. This includes Normatec leg compression, hyperbaric chamber, JOOVV red light therapy, float tank, and the… Read more “Jacob P.”

Jason P.

Todd has drastically improved my quality of life! Previously had regular migraines due to stress in my neck and lower skull, through a combination of dry needling and adjustments they have reduced considerably. Cannot recommend RSSR highly… Read more “Jason P.”

Kaci P

An all in one facility for bodywork and training. Everyone at RSSR is friendly and they know their stuff. I have been going to Dr. Eryn and Dr. Todd for years for body work. The new facility has the best energy because of the people in it and they created a place where you feel welcomed. I took the GRIT class this past weekend with coach G and it was… Read more “Kaci P”

Alissah F.

This place has it all!!! Want an amazing workout? You’ve got multiple types of classes to choose from, with motivating instructors all around. Looking for a new PT or Chiro? The best in the biz here, with years of experience and so much knowledge! Injury or muscle soreness recovery? They’ve got you covered. This place is solid and the people here are amazing!! If you’re looking for a one stop… Read more “Alissah F.”

Joe J.

I’ve known and had Chiropractor Dr. Todd work on me for nearly 10 years. During that time he has performed general maintenance as well as help me with injuries I’ve sustained over the years. He keeps me moving and in good condition so I can continue my adventures. I HIGHLY recommend, Dr.… Read more “Joe J.”

Katie N.

This is a new and reinvented physical therapy, recovery, and training facility. My family has been coming to Ryan for Physical Therapy and MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) for sports related injuries, and recovery after broken bones. I cannot overstate how crucial therapy with Ryan had been for both of my athlete kids. The quality of the staff and this remodeled facility is amazing. They also have brand new state of… Read more “Katie N.”

Meet the team


Dr. Ryan Coufal

Owner, PTMAT, Instructor


dr. eryn paetz

Owner, PTMAT, Instructor


Dr. Lainey Uphoff

PTMAT, instructor


Dr. Kaitlin Stewart

PT, Women's Health Specialist, Instructor


Jin Yuan

Director of Sports Performance


Jeremiah Booker

Sports Performance Coach


Jenn Donahue


Diane Paetz (1) (1)

Diane Paetz

Instructor, Admin

Sami Paetz (1)

Sami Paetz