Katie N.

This is a new and reinvented physical therapy, recovery, and training facility. My family has been coming to Ryan for Physical Therapy and MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) for sports related injuries, and recovery after broken bones. I cannot overstate how crucial therapy with Ryan had been for both of my athlete kids. The quality of the staff and this remodeled facility is amazing. They also have brand new state of the art Hyperbaric Chamber, Float Tank, Joovv Light Therapy (full body red light), Leg Compression, & Infrared Sauna (Hot Tub/Cold Tub is coming soon). Looks like you can pay per use or have a monthly membership. At this facility also offers massage therapy, sports chiropractic, physical training. They added on a group fitness room, locker room, and weight room, and golf simulator (this one will be a huge hit with parents waiting for their athlete kids). This facility is definitely the newest generation of sports training, therapy, and recovery all in one place.