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As one of the Denver area’s most prominent resources for high-quality healthcare, Rock Solid Sports Recovery offers elite Physical Therapy and Chiropractic care along with multiple sports recovery modalities to help you recover from injury, restore mobility and strength, prevent future dysfunction, and optimize your body’s full potential. At Rock Solid, we aim to address the root cause of your symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves. To do this, we evaluate the body's entire kinetic chain from head to toe with the goal of restoring balance to the entire muscular system and taking your movement patterns from functional to optimal.


Whether you are an elite competitor, a weekend warrior, or simply have pain that is interfering with your ability to live your life the way you want to, the doctors at RSSR can help. Our well-rounded approach addresses FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY, and STRENGTH to help you achieve your goals, whatever those may be.


Our story


In 2014 Dr. Ryan Coufal and Dr. Eryn Paetz opened a Physical Therapy Clinic specializing in Muscle Activation. Inspired to increase longevity and quality of life of every individual working with them, they provided one on one sessions to patients with a motto that truly embodies that idea: helping individuals become Rock Solid. Within a few years Rock Solid expanded their vision beyond the basics by offering boutique fitness classes programmed by Physical Therapists and Sports Performance Coaches.

With this expansion Rock Solid built an open sports community for athletes with access to all recovery and performance improvement tools so that everyone can have a chance to perform at their highest capacity, not just the professionals or elites.

By choosing the terms “sports” and “athletes” we are opening the door to everyone, because at Rock Solid we believe that at the core every person is an athlete. Whether you are walking around the block, hiking, playing pickle ball, or Olympian, we are all athletes. Most importantly with these terms, we believe that every person deserves to become Rock Solid and be a part of our Rock Solid community of healthy living.

our mission

At Rock Solid, we are dedicated to taking our clients from functional to optimal by educating and empowering them via customized one-on-one sessions, innovative techniques, and unmatched compassionate care.

Meet the team


Dr. Ryan Coufal

Owner, PTMAT, Instructor


dr. eryn paetz

Owner, PTMAT, Instructor


Dr. Lainey Uphoff

PTMAT, instructor


Dr. Kaitlin Stewart

PT, Women's Health Specialist, Instructor


Jin Yuan

Director of Sports Performance


Jeremiah Booker

Sports Performance Coach


Jenn Donahue


Diane Paetz (1) (1)

Diane Paetz

Instructor, Admin

Sami Paetz (1)

Sami Paetz